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Fitaquarium.com welcomes you! We’d be pleased if you’d write for us and share your expertise and enthusiasm for fishkeeping, aquariums, and fish care. Different viewpoints and experiences improve the community and we welcome you to join us as guest writers.

Fitaquarium.com aims to provide our readers with relevant, well-researched, and fascinating content appropriate for novice and experienced fishkeepers. Contributing to our blog allows you to reach a large audience of aquarium lovers. Please share your knowledge, and help others on their fishkeeping adventure.

We are accepting guest posts on a range of fishkeeping-related topics. We welcome your unique viewpoints, whether they be tips and techniques for setting up and maintaining an aquarium, insights into different fish species, advice on aquatic plant care, or assistance in establishing a vibrant aquatic environment.

Guidelines for Guest Post Submission

  1. Original Content: Each n every submission must be unique and have not been previously published. Plagiarism and duplicate content are strictly forbidden. We appreciate novel ideas and insights that might assist our readers.
  2. Relevant Topic: Your articles should be directly associated with fishkeeping, aquariums, fish care, or any other topic related to aquatic activities. We invite you to learn more about this interesting activity and share your knowledge with our readers.
  3. Well Researched and Informative: Please make sure that your work is factual, well-researched, and informative. Cite credible sources, give helpful hints, and back up your claims with proof whenever possible.
  4. Length and Formatting: We recommend that articles be between 1000 and 1500 words long, with exceptions allowed for excellent information. To improve readability, please use correct formatting such as subheadings, bullet points, and numbered lists.
  5. Engaging Writing Style: Aim for a conversational and engaging tone that will capture the attention of our readers. To make your material more approachable and entertaining to read, tell incidents, share personal experiences, and utilize examples.
  6. Proper Attributions and Citations: Cite your sources and include references for the facts, studies, or figures you provide in the article to give credit where credit is due. This helps to retain credibility and encourages further investigation of the subject.

Supporting Media: Do not include images or videos in your article, unless or until you have proper rights to that media file.
Our Designer will find (or create) appropriate images for the article

Guest Post Submission Process:

If you’re interested in contributing to Fitaquarium.com, please follow these steps:

  1. Email your article proposal or completed article as an attachment to [email protected] with the subject line “Guest Post Submission.”
  2. Alternatively, you can also visit our Contact Us page to contact us through the form placed there.
  3. Include a brief author bio (50-100 words) identifying yourself, as well as any relevant social network accounts or website connections.
  4. Within 5 business days, our editorial staff will analyze your submission and get back to you. We may give comments or make adjustments to ensure that the content adheres to the standards and style of our blog.
  5. We will notify you of the publication date after your article has been accepted. We may make small adjustments to language, style, or formatting, but we will always ask for permission before making major changes.
  6. We encourage you to interact with our readers by reacting to comments left on your published article. This promotes a sense of community and meaningful dialogue.

Thank you for choosing Fitaquarium.com for Guest post submission and for sharing your fishkeeping knowledge. We’re happy to work with enthusiastic people like you who are devoted to the well-being of aquatic life and the joy it offers to enthusiasts all around the world. We look forward to receiving your entries and collaborating with you.

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